jueves, 3 de septiembre de 2009


¿Que haríamos sin Clackunlimited?
Creo que todos los fans nos veríamos perjudicados, pero especialmente los fans Internacionales, que hemos podido disfrutar de todas las presentaciones de Clay a través de todos los archivos y videos alojados en Clackunlimited.
Por lo anterior me permito citar está información publicada en Clayboard.


You know that saying, you don’t miss something until it’s gone? I really don’t want to be saying that about Clack Unlimited next year. Especially with things about to heat back up for Clay. CU is more than a vault. It’s a historical record of all of Clay’s performances to date.

Unforunately, we’re still losing subscriptions to Clack Unlimited, and our ability to keep the site afloat is in serious jeopardy. We currently have funds to keep the site running another couple of months at best.

Our ability to pay the operating costs for CU is based on both the one-off donations and monthly subscription commitments made during fundraisers. Since most fans opt for monthly subscriptions, we rely on those monthly payments to finance the vault. We have a very modest sum of money in the account from the one-off donations and that’s dwindling quickly because of the lower subscription payments coming in every month. With CU, the one-off donations are way, way down.

I think a lot of people feel like, “things are slow right now. I’m not downloading much Clack. I’ll re-start my subscription when Clay starts touring again.” The problem with that is whether Clay’s touring or not, we still have to pay the operating expenses for CU every month.

The situation is dire and we need to get a handle on it now.


Share this information with your home boards (we’re currently awaiting permission to post this at Clayboard and OFC, so hold off there).

If you are under the impression that you have an active monthly subscription, check your Paypal account and ensure this is the case. If your subscription has expired or was terminated because there was a problem with your funding source and you would like to start up a new one, please visithttp://www.clackunlimited.com/ and click on “subscribe.” You will also find instructions there for mailing in donations.

If you are in a position to make a one-off donation, please use the same link above or send your donation to funds@clackunlimited.com

Thank you.

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